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Diabetes Undone

Tuesdays, April 9th - May 28th from 7-8pm

Currently, 26 million Americans have diabetes and 79 million have prediabetes. Both of these conditions significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and other complications.

Most have heard that diabetes is a chronic, incurable disease, and diabetics surrender to the idea that they will struggle with the disease for the rest of their lives. In our fast-paced, money-driven healthcare system, providers often don’t have adequate time to educate patients about how to be healthy. All too often, patients are treated for the symptoms of disease, while the underlying causes of disease are not addressed.

However, by addressing the cause of illness rather than just treating the symptoms, type 2 diabetics can experience dramatic health improvements, avoid complications, and possibly even reverse the condition.

Diabetes Undone is a research-tested intervention in reversing type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.  The 8-week workshop includes informational videos, Q&A with health professionals, health coaching tips, and all the materials such as workbooks and recipes.  Participants will learn how to form new habits and make better choices based on increased knowledge, skills, and encouragement. The program is designed to empower participants to optimize their nutrition, exercise, and other powerful lifestyle strategies, all of which enable them to reclaim their health. The same strategies that are taught to fight diabetes also combat heart disease, obesity, cancer, autoimmune disease, and many other lifestyle-related health conditions.

"Really, it’s quite simple, the things I had to do. It wasn’t hardship at all. Six months later, I was declared non-diabetic. I reversed it. And since then, I had extensive tests done two months ago, and I’m still not diabetic or prediabetic. And that itself is the reward." —Tom Zapara, 91-year old Diabetes Undone participant



About the Host:

Bianca Radut, CHWC, MPHc, is a Woodland-based Health & Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, and health education coordinator. Her work focuses on helping individuals create sustainable goals and make progress towards living a happier and healthier life. 


Woodland Community & Senior Center

2001 East St

Woodland, CA 95776

For the low cost of $10 a session you can change your life!

Payment is due at first session. ($80 per Individual|$110 for families sharing materials) Financial Assistance is available!

Note: Workbook includes individual activities.